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When A Little Bit Of Testing Is Better Than….

…None At All! I think most of us are familiar with the following legal saying: “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client” Fool? Yes, a little severe when applied to other professions but nevertheless it’s a principle that encourages further review. As a QA Consultant/Tester, I’ve made contact with…

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These days, it’s pretty rare to come across a person that doesn’t at least know of someone who has Multiple Sclerosis. Canada has the distinction of having one of the highest instances of the condition in the world. Despite rigorous efforts, concrete causes and cures have eluded the medical community but, happily, research ever continues and…

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“Hey, I’m On Your Side!”

While I can’t say it was with any great regularity in my experience, I have on occasion encountered situations where a work colleague – whether a developer or designer – viewed testing as an “adversary”. There was a concern that my function was to evaluate and perhaps even embarrass them on a personal level. I…

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