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First of all, thanks for your interest!

Testing is done on sites both great or small. We can document, plan, and execute throughout a project’s life – or we can be called upon at a later stage to review a site pre-launch just to give you that boost of confidence. We’re even engaged at times to review existing web sites just to ensure that updates haven’t had an adverse effect, or that new browser versions are still displaying information correctly.

Our planning documentation includes preparation of QA Plans, Test Cases, and Test Scripts designed for manual execution. These are prepared on request, often used as client-facing materials.

Evenings? Weekend? Not a problem. Take advantage of having your site tested during the off-hours so that you and your team can address bugs and variances as soon as possible – so your project can stay ON TRACK.

Web sites tested for:


– link checking
– forms
– interactive/game elements
– database capture integrity


– best practices
– flow as pertaining to business objectives
– navigation clarity
– content clarity
– accessibility compliance


– PC and Mac testing on different operating systems and browsers/versions
– mobile phone testing (Apple, Android, Blackberry)
– tablet testing (Apple, Android, Blackberry)


– copy deck reconciliation
– grammar/spelling review



All testing is performed from our QA Lab. While emulators can be useful in filling in the gaps, we far prefer testing on actual devices. That’s why we’re loaded down with iPhones, Android phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, BlackBerry phones . . . and we can even test on Palm devices (I know, I know…). We also host our own defect tracking system – the popular Mantis – and make it available to you so that you can track testing progress and, more importantly, your development team can address variances in real-time.